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    • East Millbrook Magnet Middle Academy of Visual and Performing Arts is the only school of the arts in WCPSS. We offer a comprehensive approach to arts education including a menu of approximately 100 electives, most of which are arts centered. Academy course offerings include progressive electives in Orchestra, Band, Chorus, Theatre, Dance, Piano, 2D art and 3D art. Students can discover the artist within them by exploring a menu of electives such as Piano, Jazz Dance, Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Playwriting, Acting and Puppetry. Students who have a passion for the arts can audition or submit a portfolio to be part of our Guild class. This is a daily double period arts elective only offered at the Academy. Students explore core content through the integration of the arts in Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies classes. Imagine using claymation to create Public Service Announcements about Composting. Or, creating paintings which demonstrate scientific understanding of elements, compounds and mixtures.  By integrating the arts into core instruction, we prepare our students to be confident and creative learners ready for high school and beyond.  To learn more about our Magnet Program click here.   

      Questions about our program? Contact Joanna Caves our Magnet Coordinator at acaves鸿运彩票是正规平台吗@




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    • By integrating the arts into rigorous instruction, Academy students will be confident, creative learners
      ready for high school and beyond.




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      Weekly message and East Millbrook updates from T. Aaron Marcin, Principal of the Academy.




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