School Communication

  • The district uses the SchoolMessenger notification service to send important information to families through phone calls, email, and text messages. General school news is shared by email and text message. Phone calls are used for urgent school news. 


    Text messages will only be sent to people who opt-in. 

    You can opt-in by texting YES to the shortcode 67587 or replying with a YES to the opt-in text message we will send to you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r phone. To opt out of all text messages from SchoolMessenger, visit or reply with STOP to the opt-in message that you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 receive. The school district does not pay for text message charges that may be incurred by you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 for sending or receiving text messages. Check with you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r wireless carrier for possible charges. 


    You can choose which phone numbers receive phone calls or text messages. 

    If you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗'd like to customize the type of communications you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗'd like to receive on you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r phone or email, visit  and create an account. You can also download the app by SchoolMessenger from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  For support, download our flier or contact you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r school.  







How to sign up

Text Message
To opt-in to receive text messages, simply text YES to the number 67587.
Phone calls
Make sure you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r child's school has you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r current cell phone and 鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 phone numbers in our database.
Make sure you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r child's school has you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r current email address and you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 will be automatically set-up to receive messages by email.